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Emsil Group embodies three forward-thinking companies

Emsil          |          Gemil          |          Siltech

This synergy allows the group to offer high quality and cost effective CNC machine tools & Welding and Steel Fabrications. Solutions are ranging from complete custom designing to manufacturing and after-sale services. With an-ever increasing commitment to quality, transparency and cost-effectiveness, Emsil Group caters to clients with a comprehensive package of activities and services.

Our History

Emsil was founded in 1995 in Oradea, Romania with it’s first activity of designing, manufacturing and selling CNC Machine Tools. The first CNC machine tool was installed in Finland in 1997.

The strategy of Emsil was to diversify and expand as early as possible its capabilities and flexibilities to manufacture a wide range of products in a wide range of industries. Emsil is an open company for taking on engineering challenges whether they are in the machine tools business or in the welding and steel fabrications business, becoming over time a strong supplier and partner for its customers.

For these reasons, in 2007 Emsil expands for the first time outside Oradea, in the city of Cluj-Napoca where, Gemil, the second company, was founded and joined the Group. The focus of Gemil was on welding large steel fabrications to cover the demand for such services. Moreover, Emsil started to shift production of machine tools main components from cast iron to carbon steel welded structures.

Siltech, the third company, was created in the same year of 2007 with the purpose of consulting and has ultimately transformed into a steel fabrications company in 2012. Today, Siltech is established in Aiud, the third location.

In 2011, Emsil purchased the Romanian subsidiary of a French engineering company. With this acquisition, Emsil Group has entered the aeronautics industry. The main products manufactured are devices and steel structures for airplane components assembly.


Emsil is continuously looking to enhance its skills and invest in expanding its capabilities to drive innovation in the ever changing industrial landscape. In times when new technologies are emerging, such as Industry 4.0, Big Data and artificial intelligence, merging them has determined a need to transition towards smart factories. Today, we are active in 3 Romanian cities, manufacturing high technology CNC machine tools and steel fabrications both in carbon steel and stainless steel. Industries we are present in are: naval, energy, oil&gas, aerospace, transportation and vacuum.


With a forward looking mindset, Emsil Group is primed to delight its customers and continue its growth year over year.

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